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This is blohaute.

It’s as simple as one, two, three. Book an appointment online and then wait for your dedicated style expert to arrive at your door. No need to leave the comfort of your home. Your stylist will treat you to your requested style and you’ll be free to flaunt your new look in no time flat.

Blohaute is convenience like you’ve never experienced.


The look that put us on the map.

The Blohaute is our top-seller, and the perfect style for any occasion. First date. Office party. Girl’s night on the town.

Blowout Services
Collection Image
Collection Image


A twist on the classics.

This look isn’t just for laundry day anymore. Braids are HOT, and Blohaute has perfected the classic styles you’ve come to love, while adding a few trendy new braids that are sure to make all your friends jelly.

Braid Services
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That is just the beginning.

Head to our services page to see all the on demand services we offer.



The mobile styling service that brings the beauty salon right to your door. Beautiful hair with the click of a button.