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Booking Made Easy


15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, wash your hair.


Set up a chair near an outlet for the convenience of your stylist.


Relax, it's time to get pampered girlfriend.


The look that put us on the map

The blowout is our top-seller, and the perfect style for any occasion. First date. Office party. Girl’s night on the town. Like your best girlfriend, our stylists are trained to listen first, with an open ear and mind, before recommending the perfect style to fit your event.

$65$50 Single Blowout

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A twist on the classics

This look isn’t just for laundry day anymore. Braids are HOT, and Blohaute has perfected the classic styles you’ve come to love, while adding a few trendy new braids that are sure to make all your friends jelly. From Fishtail to Waterfall, Dutch to French, Blohaute has the perfect braid to match your hair’s dynamic and ever-changing style.

$60$50 Single Braid

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A look sure to turn heads

Whether it’s your BFF’s wedding, a classy cocktail party, or a midnight rendezvous, our upstyles are the perfect choice to add a touch of class to your look. Our stylists have countless styles at their fingertips. When you upstyle with Blohaute, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

$100$85 Single Upstyle

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Bridal Services

Blohaute for your wedding

Our highly trained team of stylists right to your door for your big day.

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The mobile styling service that brings the beauty salon right to your door. Beautiful hair with the click of a button.